Wednesday, January 9, 2013

This is the Beauty of Finland

January 7, 2013

Snow fell the previous night, clouds were low in the sky; everything was enshrouded in a frozen, winter mist. The sunlight "danced" in this environment and the snow crackled below my feet.  I took several hundred pictures - spinning in circles, amazed at the beauty before me.  This picture is unaltered; this is what Finland offers to those who spend time with her in the winter. It puts everything in perspective. I’m officially over my confusion/delirium/fatigue/culture shock.  I’m building a life in Finland.  

These pictures were taken in Joenssu looking south from Aavaranta, looking out over frozen Lake Pyhäselka.


  1. Stunningly beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing. Your camera must be loving this!

  2. Janet

    This all sounds so exciting (and a little scary too!)It makes me wonder what it would be like to be by myself for a while.
    The pictures and the light look absolutely breathtaking. Keep up the photography.
    Miss you at school and think of you often.

  3. Such beauty all around you. Love hearing about your trip, seeing your pictures and your cozy living spot. Hopefully loneliness will subside soon and know all your friends are with you in spirit :-) ann

  4. I finally saw the whole blog - on Facebook it only shows part of it so everyone should go on the blog itself! I love your rocking chair - the pictures are beautiful - I guess the camera isn't being effected by the cold! Think of you and know this is going to be fantastic!


  5. Hi Janet:

    Your Mom and I are at work and decided to check your blog. It is wonderful, the entire journey. I look forward to to checking into to see what you are up to. The pictures are wonderful and I loved the story of Lucca. Take care!!! Talk with you soon.
    Love, Cathy

  6. Hi Janet,

    It's so exciting to read about your journey. The pictures are beautiful and the additional information very interesting!! It sounds like you are living in a different world. You seem to adjust very quickly - I assume keeping busy at work helps?

    Everything is going fine in 6th and 7th period :). Of course we all miss you. I encouraged a couple of students today to follow your blog - I know they would enjoy it.


  7. Wondering if your musical: you put rhythm into your photographs.