Friday, July 27, 2012

Update: Kindness Abounds

I've been pleasantly overwhelmed with support from some very kind people and institutions.  Thank you to Suzy Casey, The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Bob and Claire Dunn, Cathy and Roger Roberts, Lorraine Ferguson, Harriet Roop, Sherry Fix, and Ginny Aitkens.  Your kindness and generosity are deeply appreciated and I hope the work I do will pay dividends with many other teachers and their students.   Thank you!  For more information, please visit the webpage created by Suzy Casey at .

Update:  After Suzy Casey held a coffee at her house in Newport Coast, many others came forward with generous donations - thank you to Janice M. Johnson, Karin and Richard Schnell, and Robert and Kathy Hooven.  An additional thank you to Albert and Ginny Gravellese who couldn't attend the coffee but sent a donation, anyway.  Thank you!