Monday, June 11, 2012

Dreaming of Finland

Hello, El Toro students, family and friends!  I'm dreaming about Finland! I just learned I'll be living in eastern Finland from January through the end of the semester of 2013 on a Distinguished Fulbright Award in Teaching grant and I'm extremely excited! What an adventure it will be! Thank you to the Fulbright Program for this great honor and privilege. I'm thrilled to be offered the opportunity to visit Finland for an extended period of time to learn how they teach their young people - especially on issues related to life-dependent scientific issues like climate change, biotechnology, and clean drinking water.  I'm also excited to make many new Finnish friends, sleep in an igloo and see the northern lights.
I'll be working, teaching, and researching out of my host institution, the University of Eastern Finland.  (Thank you for agreeing to host me!) I will be working from one of their three main campuses (in Joensuu, Kuopio, or Savolinna) but they haven't told me the exact location yet.  
Here's someone who won't understand my long absence... Lala, my wonderful adopted dog who needs lots of love and understanding.

In reading up on Finnish poets, I found this poem by Rista Rasa:
In the evening, the dog comes
When he curls up in his spot
And falls asleep,
His heart’s-warmth starts spreading
Into the rooms.

(Photo credits: Igloo at Night by M.Prinke on Flickr)