Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Berlin Street Art

A little look at Berlin street art - with the knowledge of how it is both discouraged and encouraged in Berlin's culture.  Street art is illegal but it is still a vibrant part of Berlin's "architecture."  Here is a look at a few pieces I photographed on 18 March 2013 on a tour by www.alternativeberlin.com and then a look at what I created in their street art studio that same afternoon.  (It was never put up in the street so it is completely legal.  :) That evening we attended a Fulbright event at one of the Berlin symphony halls and I was surprised to see that the designers chose graffiti art to hang in one of their reception areas.  Street art seems to be in a love/hate relationship with the people and culture of Berlin; it's fascinating.

 This knitted tree and post covering are considered street art, too.

My piece of "street art," which will never be found on the street.

The artwork in the reception area of the Universität der Künste.


  1. Amazing photos of some pretty incredible artwork. Enjoy your time (and the bandwidth) in Berlin. How was the symphony?

  2. Janet, Thank you so much for sharing your photos! I love the street art collection. Please keep up the posts!

  3. Wow Ms.English really great art! And yours is incredible !