Sunday, March 17, 2013


If you get to Helsinki be sure to visit Kaffeecentralen, a lovely coffee shop and seller of all things delectable to coffee lovers. Their address is Pursimiehenkatu 23 and is right next door to the Design Museum, which I also LOVED. The people at Kaffeecentralen are warm and personable and the coffee - exceptional.  

Actually, the barista served my favorite coffee - and I've only had it once before - I was in South Africa and I was allowed only one cup (with no refills) because the Africans were saving the coffee beans for the World Cup!  I was in heaven to taste it again!

So delicious!

So I spontaneously bought a few packs and sent one to my mother and one to Bob and Anna.  Well, it was a bit extravagant and WAY too expensive to send, but, well, I did it anyway.  And my brother doesn't even like coffee! 


(Note to family - I probably won't be sending anything else home; it is too expensive. Anna, try it as espresso or a latte. :)

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