Sunday, December 30, 2012

Laguna Beach Sunrise - Time Lapse

How do sunrises compare around the world?  Dennis Grice and I took this time lapse movie in Laguna Beach, California today to record what it looks like close to home.

When I'm in Joensuu, Finland I'll take another to compare.

Laguna Beach is at latitude 33.5 degrees north of the equator.

Joensuu, Finland is 66.2 degrees north of the equator.

I know they will be very different, but how similar will they be?

(I wish I owned a polarizing filter.)

P.S. I just realized that the sun is above the hilltop a little over five seconds as it ascends the sky.  The sky also glows about five seconds before we see it crest the hilltop.  It makes me think about the position of the sun - which was far below the horizon - when it started showing light in our morning sky.

Click on picture to see movie.

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