Friday, June 14, 2013

Transformed Through Music

There are times in one's life when you realize you have been transformed; Finland has given me that experience, and more specifically, the JaSeSoi ry Orff music class for Finnish music teachers, has done that as well.

After experiencing this class, I firmly believe that if all music teachers were trained in these methods the atmosphere of schools would improve and the potential for all children to achieve would improve, as well. Let us not forget the power of music to heal and to bring us together as creative, inspired individuals. 

Music teachers "jamming" in the evening around Finnish sausages (makara) cooking on the grill. CLICK HERE to see and hear the Ukulele and Accordion "Jam" Session

Performing at the end-of-course show

Elisa Seppänen demonstrating (phenomenal) Orff music methods with students. (Elisa is one perceptive and talented teacher, I have to say.)

Practicing methods to be used with students.

Our inspired teachers:  Markku Kaikkonen, Sanna Purokuru, Juuso Kauppinen, Soili Perkiö,

Doug Goodkin, and Terhi Oksanen.

At the end-of-workshop show, Elena and I performed a piece simply called, "Thank you."  She tap danced to Koechlin's "Sonate Für Oboe Und Klavier" and I read a message to the participants thanking them for letting me share in this beautiful and life-changing experience.

For more information about JaSeSoi ry, the Finnish organization that put on this (phenomenal) training, visit

For more information about Doug Goodkin and the San Francisco Orff Class, visit

As explained at

"Orff Schulwerk is a dynamic approach to music and movement education created by composer Carl Orff and his colleague Gunild Keetman. Proceeding from a strong conviction in each child's natural musical promise, the Orff approach draws it forth through the child's world of games, chant, song, movement, folk dance, drama and work on specially designed Orff instruments just right for the beginning musician."

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